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What is FeedSafe and what does it mean for you?

FeedSafe® is a program aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds. For a long time now, the SFMCA via FeedSafe® has recognized the need for a broader industry approach to feed and food safety that provides a lower feed safety risk profile for the supply to Australia’s livestock industries. Feed manufacturers are required to implement HACCP as part of their accreditation.

Green Valley Grains is a proud, accredited member of FeedSafe® and the SFMCA. To obtain FeedSafe® accreditation, Green Valley Grains is required to undergo annual site audits, these are conducted by independent third-party auditors. Green Valley Grains are assessed on everything from premises and buildings, raw material sourcing and purchasing, product inspection, sampling and testing to loading, transport and delivery. You can be assured that you are buying a quality product when using a Green Valley Grains feed.

Not only is Green Valley Grains an accredited member of FeedSafe® and the SFMCA, we also have staff who are members of the Victorian/Tasmanian State Branch Executive and the Federal Council. Be assured that Councilors are working hard to ensure that the industry is represented on a national level, and is continuing to implement new and essential policies to ensure the safety and longevity of the stock feed industry.

To find out more about FeedSafe and what it means to you and your pets and stock visit:

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