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What to feed your backyard chickens..

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Backyard chickens are a very popular family lifestyle choice. People everywhere are taking up the hobby of raising their own chickens in the comfort of their home. With this newfound passion for poultry, there comes a need to ensure that your feathered friends are receiving nourishment that is not only nutritious but also delicious. That’s why premium food is essential.

So when buying a bag of chook food for your backyard chickens, we want to ensure that the feed provides essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins that your chickens need to stay healthy and strong. Protein-rich foods like plant protein meal provide the building blocks of amino acids that are vital to keep your birds’ immune systems functioning properly. Fats help to maintain the body’s energy, while carbohydrates give your chickens an extra boost of energy. Vitamins A and D are also important for healthy egg.

You can find premium feeds for chickens in many forms, including pellets, scratch mixes and mashes. When selecting a more premium feed, it's important to consider the ages of your flock. Young chicks will require a higher protein content in their diet than older chickens, so make sure to consider this when feeding your birds. Additionally, you should choose a feed that is designed specifically for the nutritional needs of laying chickens.

It's also important to provide other supplementary feed for your chickens in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. This provides additional essential vitamins and minerals as well as fibre which helps to keep their digestive systems functioning properly and assists with the overall quality of the egg. Additionally, you should provide grit and calcium to your birds, which helps to break down the food they consume and aids in the overall absorption of nutrients.

Finally, it’s important to keep an eye on your chickens’ health by regularly checking for signs of illness or injury. If any signs are present, it’s best to seek advice from a veterinarian or poultry specialist.

Premium food for chickens in the backyard is essential for any poultry enthusiast. By selecting the right type of feed and supplementing it with fresh fruits, vegetables and other essentials, you can ensure that your feathered friends stay healthy and happy. Not only will this help to keep your chickens in top condition, but it will also make them more productive egg-layers. So get out there and start feeding your birds the best that they can get! A great choice like Green Valley Premium Layer Mix which is formulated to suit a wide range of poultry, including laying hens, free-ranging birds, meat birds and show birds. GVG Premium Poultry Mix is designed to be fed alone -with no extra supplementation required. The high protein mix provides quality energy, fat, and protein with the unique addition of ProN8ure® multi-strain probiotic.

ProN8ure® is a blend of live viable microbes which benefits the host animal by improving the intestinal microbial balance. Everyday use of ProN8ure® helps maintain a balanced digestive system, thus optimizing digestion of feed and enhancing your animals' health, naturally. These microbes are safe, non toxic and residue free.


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