Keeping Finches

Finches make great pets and are popular with young families. Being a smaller bird (10-16cm) with a life span of about 8-12 years, they are relatively easy to keep, are very social and can be kept in an Avery with other birds such as Canaries.

Be mindful not to house Finches with more dominant species including Budgies, Cockatiels or lovebirds. Finches are seed eating animals - they do enjoy insects, especially in breeding season but predominately feed on a diet of french millet, pain canary seed and pannicum (all found in Green Valley Finch Mix).

As seed alone cant provide all required essential vitamins and minerals, its a great idea to give small daily portions of fruits and vegetables including apple (remove seeds) carrot, beans, peas, corn, broccoli and spinach (never feed avocado or lettuce) as well as fine shell grit. Added supplementation can also be added to your finches water in the form of Mulivet or Soluvite D. Additional Calcium and Iodine can be provided through cuttlefish bone or iodine bells.

Its an obvious one but definitely worth mentioning, fresh clean water that is changed daily is essential for optimal health. Also mark a reminder on your calendar for regular, 3 month worming with a broad spectrum bird wormer.

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